Products & Services


All strains are grown by one of our local patients with state of the art horticulture technology. All products and services are conducted within our collective community and are not available to non-members.

Gorilla Glue – $40/250

Master Kush – $45/300

OG Kush – $50/350

Lamb’s Bread – $50/350

Blue Dream – $45/300



Advanced methods.

Secure logistics.

Hard communications.

Audit systems.

Risk protection coverage.

Strategic Partnerships


Marijuana Market Exchange – The world’s first marijuana company providing computer assisted trading and central counterparty clearing services and technologies with a blockchain based platform system. The company is a marketplace for buyers and sellers bringing together individuals, companies and institutions that want to invest in the cannabis industry, need to manage risk or want to profit by accepting risk. Our peer-to-peer network platform delivers security, reliability and sophisticated solutions to a volatile industry.

Marijuana Diligence – Aggregated web-based network for industry leaders.

Marijuana Cultivation Consulting –Horticulture sciences, sourcing, branding, construction, maintenance, financial management, result oriented action plans and operational support for California marijuana growers.


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